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It wasn’t that long ago that we'd be recommending static sites as the easiest and cheapest way of setting up your first site. Being cheaper to develop they were a popular choice but the downside was they require a basic knowledge of HTML and FTP to maintain so as a result, most static sites are updated by us. Even then, the occasional minor update still meant these sites were cheaper to build than the costly CMS sites.

How times have changed! As the technology has evolved, the price on building a CMS (Content Management System) has meant that it's now cheaper to build than the traditional static site. These systems allow for greater control because you can update the content on the site using a web based editor.

WordPress as a CMS

Although we have worked with a number of Content Management Systems over the years we now focus on WordPress.

WordPress started off as blogging software, designed to help people manage a simple online journal but is increasingly being used for a range of small business, corporate and government websites, and the best thing is that, despite its increased flexibility, it still remains one of the easiest systems to learn and manage.

All our WordPress sites are built on our own custom built framework which provides a number of additional features

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